Poetry Books for Teen Writers

The following books are great for teaching the craft of poetry and encouraging young writers to draw on their own experiences and lives when writing poems.

Behn, Robin and Chase Twichell. The Practice of Poetry.
Collom, Jack. and Sheryl Noethe. Poetry Everywhere.
Fox, John. Poetic Medicine.
Rosenberg, Liz and Deena November, ed. Just Hope It’s Lethal.
Vecchione, Patrice, ed. Truth and Lies
Vecchione, Patrice, ed. Revenge and Forgiveness.
Willis, Meredith Sue. Personal Fiction Writing.
Wooldridge, Susan. Goldsmith. Poemcrazy.

Poetry Written By Youth
The following are poetry collections which have been written by teen poets.

Writerscorps. Paint Me Like I Am.
Brave New Voices. CD Produced by HBO—This is a video which showcases the teen poets who competed in the Brave New Voices Poetry Slam. 
There is also a Teaching Guide for Brave New Voices.