Denney Poetry Books

The Denney Poetry Books are funded by the Blanche Miller Trust Art Exhibit Program. Former Juvenile Court Administrator Blanche Miller gave a portion of her estate to be used to fund unique programs for court involved youth. A portion of those funds is used to present workshops with professional artists who share their area of expertise with our teens, giving them an art making experience that produces finished works.  We exhibit this art on behalf of the student artists for a period of two years and students who are in need of community service hours can actually earn service credits through this process. The poetry book serves as the exhibit of the writing project.  

Poems included in the poetry books were selected from the weekly poetry workshop as well as the Blanche Miller Trust Art Workshop. The following are the four poetry books which have been funded through the Blanche Miller Trust Art Exhibit Program. They may be viewed by clicking on the link.

Call It Courage, August 2006
I Am From, November 2007