Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How? Because....

How? Because...

Teen Boy

I chose the struggle,
I chose to hustle,
Now I'm to blame
for the way my lil' brother
acts every day. 

Blood's not always thicker than water
'till you see that coffin,
Motivation, There's no stopping
When you're in the fast lane,
They call it a game
but there's no playing
Sometimes life is the admission.

Who's paying?
Addiction took my life away
to me a knife is no way of payment

No one keeps it real in this place
How come?
Because alone...they're on knees praying,
Real talk nobody can take it,
For me, I can't take being away from the streets.

Tears of a soldier
If you hear a tear drop on the floor
Out of cell 1E4
That's ain't ride-or-die
in the heat
They run-or-hide
can't take the streets
No I love you
Don't say it because the streets don't love too

The streets are cold and hearltless
So I'm only eating with who I started with,
This is the real me,
This is what the streets make young
Loyal teens out to be.


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