Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Last Chance

One Last Chance

Teen Boy

All I need is one last chance
But will I get it?
Only the judge knows.
In the past, I've said I'm going to change
with no intention in my heart.
I say I want to stay sober
Yet all I want is to get high.
Everytime I get out
I run straight to the block
thinking they can help me manage my life 
But all they do is corrupt me with the drugs
that make me a slave
So every day, I pray to my God
For just one last chance
to get out of the game.

Fake Faces

Fake Faces

Teen Boy

Trapped in these white walls
Forced to walk guarded halls
This place has some wear and tear
They even recycle the air
A lot of people put on a front like they don't care
They be pretending at night when they cry
Pretending that no one hears.
No matter what,
I have no fear
'Cause when it comes down to it
I'm the only reason I'm here
So here's to make it clear
Plain and simple
Don't come here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How? Because....

How? Because...

Teen Boy

I chose the struggle,
I chose to hustle,
Now I'm to blame
for the way my lil' brother
acts every day. 

Blood's not always thicker than water
'till you see that coffin,
Motivation, There's no stopping
When you're in the fast lane,
They call it a game
but there's no playing
Sometimes life is the admission.

Who's paying?
Addiction took my life away
to me a knife is no way of payment

No one keeps it real in this place
How come?
Because alone...they're on knees praying,
Real talk nobody can take it,
For me, I can't take being away from the streets.

Tears of a soldier
If you hear a tear drop on the floor
Out of cell 1E4
That's ain't ride-or-die
in the heat
They run-or-hide
can't take the streets
No I love you
Don't say it because the streets don't love too

The streets are cold and hearltless
So I'm only eating with who I started with,
This is the real me,
This is what the streets make young
Loyal teens out to be.


Resist Temptation

Resist Temptation

Teen Boy

There's only lies in these elections
life is just about prime selection
tryng my best to resist temptation
'cus my life's full of deception.

Everyone around wants to feel some acceptance
but for many it means grabbing the weapon
My life so far has been me second guessing
really not a student, never got the lesson.

Now, the only thing on my mind
are the years of my time
Why'd I ever do the crime
Didn't read between the lines.

I was trying to grind on my shine
But now all the time to focus on my rhymes

Now I'm locked up with my own kind
from misdemanors to felonies
all I see is orange in a big chunk of my memories

When I pass, will anyone remember me
or just the judge that condemended me
Hopefully Jesus will transcend me.

Poetic Justic

Poetic Justice

Teen Boy

My Momma told me to stay home
But boy, oh, boy did I want to roam
Hated the thought to be alone
So I hit the streets that I call home

Now look at me,
all alone 
as I talk to Momma on the DYC phone.

Locked Up

Locked Up
Teen Boy

I always kicked it with the homies
'Causing trouble until I got stopped.
When I got pulled over,
Sometimes I cooperated with the cops.

Some of the Police Officers were nice
But when they pulled me over,
I was on ice.

I'd always tell them I was heading home,
But they didn't believe me.
So in the end,
I found myself in a cell
all alone.

When I'm locked up,
Sometimes I was happy
because no one was there to support me
but my family.