Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Name Is Powerless

Teen Girl


My name is Powerless

I live in a corner

In a broken house

My last name is Fear

My middle is Doubt

My parent is Addiction

My sister is Revenge

My brother is Fury,

They go to no end.

My eyes are empty

I have no heart or soul

Knowing me really takes a toll

You won’t be able to fight me

Once I’ve been around

Soon you meet the whole family

We’ll drive you in the ground

You’ll learn not to ask questions

Soon you’ll be like me

Powerless has no end

Good luck getting free.


Teen Girl


They think I’m Powerful

Because I do whatever I want

Because I tell everyone to screw off

Because I don’t listen to anyone

Because I run for months and I am never spotted

But, I am Power-Less

Because my friends are backstabbers

Because I can’t trust anyone

Because I was raped

Because I was jumped

Because my Mom doesn’t want me in her house

Because I cry everyday

Because I’m an addict

Because I miss my old, happy life.