Monday, June 13, 2011

My Sister

Teen Girl


I remember
my pain
a laugh erupting
through your lips.
There was nothing to gain
and to stop you was a risk
But suddenly and secretly
You opened up your heart.
You told me how you frequently
Surrendered to the dark
Then you walked out the door
(More like climbed out the window)
You left my tears to pour
The misery a steady flow
Every time you came back
Our bond stronger than before
You slam the brown and smoke the crack
Life is an unstable screeching roar
But no matter what it does to you
I still won’t forget,
The day that you told me the truth
The day I hope you don’t regret.
They call you an addict
They seem to forget your name
But sister please don’t panic
To me you’ll always be the same.
You’ll always be my sister
I love you.

Written in the YA/Memoir Poetry Workshop, June 2011

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